Beyond Sport is the second of 2 divisions of TSA, which is in alignment with FIM. Beyond Sport focuses on all non-racing activities that are offered by the club.

The first activity, are leisure rides. There are many riders passionate about 2 wheels, who have sportsbikes but have no desire whatsoever to race. In addition to them, there are very many passionate 2 wheel riders, who do not have sportsbikes but instead ride the numerous other types of bikes available. Both these groups of riders are primarily interested in leisure riding, far and beyond the race tracks, to see what our beautiful country has to offer. To cater for this need, TSA has an annual calendar of 6 rides (well known as "CCC" or Cool Calm Collected rides) to different parts of the country (see below for the 2019 routes). The rides alternate between one day-long sub 300km route, and an overnight 400-700km route. This gives riders good options for what rides they feel prepared to go for. The value proposition for TSA rides is that they are very well structured, with a Route Master, Sweeper, and Medic on every ride, to ensure we meet the highest safety standards, and preparedness for any eventuality on our somewhat unpredictable roads. The rides are all-inclusive with big capacity bikes riding together with their smaller brothers.
The second activity in this division is charity work. TSA in 2018 was actively involved with Shelter Children's Home in Ngong. The club brought the year to a close by visiting them on December 23rd with food and gifts, played and sang with them all day, with the successful aiming of bringing joy, laughter, hope to those less fortunate but nonetheless beautiful souls, and giving them something to look forward to. The club has more ambitious plans for them in 2019, with the aim of building them a water tank to enable the home to grow horticultural crops on a commercial level, thus promoting long term sustainability of the home.
The third activity is other forms of CSR that are not necessarily charity related. A major one is the training of Bodaboda riders on all aspects of safely operating motorcycles on Kenyan roads. It is common knowledge that even though they have been a major contributor towards increased mobility of large swathes of the Kenyan population, they have also caused a lot of pain and suffering through the accidents they cause on our roads. Through the club's leadership position regarding safety, both on track and on the road on their rides, the aim of the club is to give back to society, by imparting those skills and knowledge to these bodaboda riders to eventually raise the standards of professionalism and safety by which they go about their business.